The description of the “job”, in ITEC is the performance of the jobs in a way which is efficient, high quality, sensitive to nature, safe and health. Therefore, employees and subcontractors are encouraged to adopt the goal of “zero accidents” as a way of life.

A safe working environment shall be provided for our employees, subcontractors, visitors, however,it is aimed to eliminate the hazardous, reduce the risk and evaluate opportunities. An effective internal communication with employees and employee representatives is provided to get participation in the management system.

HSE training and awareness of employees and subcontractors shall be provided to increase the competency and promote their participation. To ensure the protection of the environment, health, safety and security of all employees, all required resources shall be provided.

Occupational health and safety risks and environmental impacts for all processes and activities shall be identified and managed by taking required measures to prevent pollution, injury and ill health. Minimize the use of natural resources and waste during the entire design, procurement, construction, and commissioning phases of projects is a primary goal.

An environmentally friendly work methodology shall be adopted by keeping in mind that all activities have an environmental impact. The execution of the occupational health, safety and environment shall be monitored and measured to improve the effectiveness of HSE management system.